Caries is a damage to a tooth that affects the hard tissues of the tooth, i.e. enamel anddentin. It begins in the surface of teeth and goes deep down to the dental pulp and looks like a cave lesion.

It is caused from bacteria, normally present in the mouth, accumulated in plaque.


Thefirst painful symptoms come when bacteria reach the pulp (bacteria can infect the pulp passing through the dentin tubulesit without a big cavity).

Other factors that affect the onset of caries are related to personal anatomy and physiology like salivation and tooth shape. Saliva is an important antibacterial and cleansing agent, therefore poor salivation can favour the development of caries. Also, a teeth with deep grooves can be a predisposing factor for caries

Caries therefore is defined as a multifactorial pathology: all these factors contribute to its development.